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Archive for November, 2011

What is Atlas Shrugged About: Book by Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 Movie Trailer

Dagny Taggart Confronts the Union: Scene from Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Henry Rearden Comes Home: Scene from Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Rearden Metal Is Not For Sale: Review of Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Makers and Takers: Review of Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Dagny Confronts James: Review of Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Francisco d’Anconia’s ‘Money Speech’ from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

The Trial of Hank Rearden: Audio Book for Atlas Shrugged

John Galt Speech: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Read John Galt Speech

The Making of Atlas Shrugged Part 1: Interview with Jsu Garcia (Francisco d’Anconia)

John Stossel: Why Hollywood Is Against Atlas Shrugged Movie

Plot Summary of Atlas Shrugged

As the novel opens, protagonist Dagny Taggart, the Operating Vice President of Taggart Transcontinental, a giant railroad company originally pioneered by her grandfather, attempts to keep the company alive during difficult economic times marked by collectivism and statism. While Dagny runs the company from behind the scenes, her brother, James Taggart, the railroad’s President, is peripherally aware of the company’s troubles but will not make any difficult choices, preferring to avoid responsibility for any actions while watching his company go under. He seems to make irrational decisions such as preferring to buy steel from Orren Boyle’s Associated Steel, rather than Hank Rearden’s Rearden Steel, despite the former continually delaying delivery of vital rail. In this as in other decisions Dagny simply goes ahead with her own policy and challenges him to repeal it. As this unfolds, Dagny is disappointed to discover that Francisco d’Anconia, a true genius and her only childhood friend, first love, and king of the copper industry, appears to have become a worthless playboy who is destroying his family’s international copper company, which has made him into one of the richest and most powerful men in the world.

Hank Rearden, a self-made steel magnate of great integrity, has recently developed a metal alloy called Rearden Metal, now the strongest and most reliable metal in the world. Hank chooses to keep the instructions to its creation a secret, sparking jealousy and uproar among competitors. False claims are made about the danger of the alloy and are backed by government agencies. As a result of this, pressure is put on Dagny to use conventional steel but she refuses. Hank’s career is hindered by his feelings of obligation toward his manipulative wife, mother, and ungrateful younger brother, who show no appreciation for everything he provides for them. Dagny also becomes acquainted with Wesley Mouch, a Washington lobbyist initially working for Hank Rearden, whom he betrays. Mouch eventually leads the government’s efforts in controlling all commerce and enterprise, intentionally destroying the common man’s opportunity to build a largely successful, free market business. The reader also becomes acquainted with Ellis Wyatt, the sole founder and supervisor of the successful enterprise Wyatt Oil. He is a young, self possessed, hard-working man–one of the few men still loyal to Dagny and Hank’s efforts in pushing for a system of business free of government meddling and control.

While economic conditions worsen and government agencies continue to enforce their control on successful businesses, the naïve, yet weary mass of citizens are often heard reciting the new, popular street phrase, “Who is John Galt?” This sarcastic phrase is given in response to what tend to be sincere questions about heavy subjects, wherein the individual can find no answer. It sarcastically means, “Don’t ask important questions, because we don’t have answers”, or more broadly, “What’s the point?” or “Why bother?”

Dagny begins to notice the nation’s brightest innovators and business leaders abruptly disappearing, one by one, under mysterious circumstances, all leaving their top industrial businesses to certain failure. The most recent of these leaders to have vanished is Dagny’s friend Ellis Wyatt, who, like the others, has suddenly disappeared into thin air with no warning, leaving nothing behind except an empty office and his most successful oil well now spewing petroleum and fire high into the air (later to be named “Wyatt’s Torch”). Each of these men proves to be absent despite a thorough search put on by ever-anxious politicians, who’ve now found themselves trapped within a government that has been “left to dry”, by its leaders in business — utterly helpless without them.

In a romantic subplot, Dagny and Hank fall deeply in love. Rand refers to their love as a purer kind of love than the one that most men and women experience. These two people have a similar purpose in life, and they see in each other a kindred soul. In the universe of the novel, men and women with purpose are rare and, to an extent, deified — thus making their love especially sacred. Hank and Dagny go on a vacation drive across the USA. They discover, amongst the ruins of an abandoned factory, an incomplete motor that transforms atmospheric static electricity into kinetic electricity. Deeply moved by the significance of a motor which has the potential to completely transform the world, Dagny sets out to find the inventor.

In the final section of the novel, Taggart discovers the truth about John Galt, who is leading an organized “strike” against those who use the force of law and moral guilt to confiscate the accomplishments of society’s productive members. With the collapse of the nation and its rapacious government all but certain, Galt emerges to reconstruct a society that will celebrate individual achievement and enlightened self-interest, delivering a long speech serving to explain the novel’s theme and Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, in the book’s longest single chapter.

Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses and Jobs Leaving California

Businesses and Jobs Leaving California include:

Bayer HealthCare
Carlos Santana
CKE Restaurants, Inc.
Claim Jumper and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
eBay Inc. and PayPal
FedEx National LEL
Hyundai Capital America
J.C. Penney Co.
PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
Sony Corp.
Wells Fargo

The Top Ten Reasons Why California Companies Are Calling the Moving Companies
by Joseph Vranich
The Business Relocation Coach
* Revised April 2011 *

#10 – Unprecedented Energy Costs: The California Manufacturers and Technology Association states that commercial electrical rates here already are 50% higher than in the rest of the country. However, a law enacted in April 12, 2011 requires utilities to get one-third of their power from renewable sources (e.g., solar panels, windmills) within nine years. Look for costs to increase by another 19% in many places to a whopping 74% in Los Angeles. Such new burdens along with upcoming regulations stemming from the “California Global Warming Solutions Act” set potentially overwhelming obstacles to companies here as they try to meet competition based in other states and in foreign nations.

#9 – Severe Tax Treatment: The Tax Foundation in their 2011 State Business Tax Climate Index lists California at No. 49 for tax fairness. CFO Magazine ranked California the worst state for tax treatment. The Council on State Taxation ranks California as the only state to receive a D- grade (the lowest grade). Last year the National Conference of State Legislatures said California remains the number one state in raising taxes – raising them higher than any other state that increased taxes in 2009.

#8 – Worst Regulatory Burden: The consulting firm Bain & Co. constructed a “regulatory hassle index” that found “California is far worse than any other state by a very significant margin.” The finding was echoed by Development Counselors International that found that 72% of surveyed corporate executives listed California as having the “worst business climate” in the entire United States. The newest survey, released in March 2011, found that 87.7% of California executives who also operate in several states say California is a harder place to do business than anywhere else. The survey, by the California Foundation for Commerce and Education, found that among the other 12.3%, not one executive said it’s easier doing business in California.

#7 – Dreadful Legal Treatment: The Civil Justice Association of California said the state ranks 44th in legal fairness to business. Los Angeles was again named the least fair and reasonable litigation environment in the entire country.

#6 – Most Expensive Business Locations: The Rose Institute of State and Local Government reported in its 2010 survey that California cities continue to be some of the most expensive locations to do business in the United States. That was confirmed by the Milken Institute, which found that California businesses are paying 23% more than the national average just to operate here.

#5 – Provable Savings Elsewhere: Again Bain & Co. found that more than half of California business leaders – an astonishing 60% – said their policy is to restrict job growth in the state or move jobs to other U.S. locations. Some companies are quite open about this, like Intel, which has said it will never build another plant in California, and McAfee in 2010 admitted it intentionally avoids hiring in California and saves about 30 to 40% every time it hires outside of the state.

#4 – Downright Unfriendly: The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council in Virginia found that California ranked 49th overall in terms of business friendliness. That was echoed in February 2010 when The Mercatus Center at George Mason University ranked California 48th in economic, regulatory and personal freedoms in the 50 states.

#3 – Uncontrollable Spending: Extravagant spending causes California to now have the lowest credit rating of any state. The American Legislative Exchange Council points out: “Despite the dubious distinction of having both the highest statewide personal income tax and the highest state sales tax in the nation, California still finds itself with far and away the largest budget deficit of any state.”

#2 – Excessively Adversarial: For two years in a row Chief Executive magazine found California to be the worst state in the nation in which to do business. Said one CEO, “California is terrible. Even when we’ve paid their high taxes in full, they still treat every conversation as adversarial. It’s the most difficult state in the nation.” The magazine calls California the “Venezuela of North America.”

#1 – The ‘Outpouring’ of Poor Rankings Continues: California ranked dead last in the latest Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States for 2010 study. The finding was based on a composite of labor-related factors, business and personal taxes, the litigation environment, demographics, crime rates, school dropout rates, lifestyle and a multitude of other issues. There is little evidence that California’s business environment will improve considering that that the legislature in 2011 has voted down litigation reform, tax-increase plans are underway, and a host of new regulations are to be implemented that will increase costs for literally every business.

Source: http://thebusinessrelocationcoach.blogspot.com/

Federal Government Seizes $0.4 Million Fish – Fisherman Had Wrong Fishing Permit

Carlos Rafael and 881-pound tunaThe enforcement division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) seized an 881 pound because they said that Carlos Rafael did not catch the fish in a way allowed by the registered permit.

The tuna must be caught by rod and wheel, not by a net. Rafael and his crew were using nets to catch bottom-dwellers when they caught the giant tuna. Rafael stated, “We didn’t try to hide anything. We did everything by the book. Nobody ever told me we couldn’t catch it with a net.” He has purchased 15 tuna permits over the past four years. He even immediately called a “bluefin tuna hot line” to report his catch. “I wanted to sell the fish while it was fresh instead of letting it age on the boat.”

In January 2011, a 342 kg (754 lb) bluefin tuna was sold at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo for a record 32.49 million Yen (US$396,000). This would value this rare tuna at approximately $460,000.

Who was right?

Did Carlos Rafael break the law? Or did the US Government leverage its power to profit from the labor of another man?

Was Carlos Rafael arrested for a crime?

The 881-pound bluefin tuna was said to be sold on consignment overseas and the proceeds from the sale of the fish will be held in an account pending final resolution of the case.

“The matter is still under investigation. If it’s determined that there has been a violation, the money will go into the asset forfeiture fund.” – Monica Allen, Deputy Director with NOAA Fisheries.

No charges have been filed yet, but Rafael will likely get a warning, according to reports.

“What are we supposed to do?” Rafael asked. “They said they were going to give me a warning,” Rafael said. “I think I’m going to surrender all my tuna permits now. What good are they if I can’t catch them?”


European Food Safety Authority: Drinking Water Does Not Reduce Risk of Dehydration

You’ve Got To Be Kidding…

It takes at least 2 Lawyers, 3 years, 20 Correspondences, and 21 Professors to decide that drinking water cannot be sold as a way to combat dehydration. And if anybody dares sell water claiming that it is effective against dehydration they could get into serious legal trouble.

Dr. Moritz Hagenmeyer (Attorney at Law, Hamburg: Specializes in Intellectual Property Law and Food Law) and Dr. Andreas Hahn (Research Assistant, Free University of Berlin: Specializes in German and European Economic, Competition and Energy Law), are German professors who submitted a report in February 2011 (View Report).

From the Report Abstract:

The Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies was asked to deliver an opinion on the scientific substantiation of a health claim related to water and reduced risk of development of dehydration. The scope of the application was proposed to fall under a health claim referring to disease risk reduction. Water, which is the subject of the health claim, is sufficiently characterized. The claimed effect is “regular consumption of significant amounts of water can reduce the risk of development of dehydration.”

Dehydration is a condition of body water depletion. The Panel notes that the proposed risk factors, “water loss in tissues” or “reduced water content in tissues,” are measures of water depletion and thus are measures of the disease. The Panel considers that the proposed claim does not comply with the requirements for a disease risk reduction claim pursuant to Article 14 of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006. © European Food Safety Authority, 2011.

The 21 Gun Salute:

Dehydration is defined as a shortage of water in the body, but the European Food Standards Authority decided the statement could not be allowed. The ruling, announced in November 2011 after a conference of 21 EU-appointed scientists in Parma and which means that bottled water companies cannot claim their product stops people’s bodies drying out, was given final approval this week by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. And under British law, advertisers who make health claims that breach EU law can be prosecuted and face two years in jail.

What Brussels Does Best:

United Kingdom Independence Party and Member of the European Parliament Paul Nuttall said: “I had to read this four or five times before I believed it. It is a perfect example of what Brussels does best. Spend three years, with 20 separate pieces of correspondence before summoning 21 professors to Parma, where they decide with great solemnity that drinking water cannot be sold as a way to combat dehydration. Then they make this judgment law and make it clear that if anybody dares sell water claiming that it is effective against dehydration they could get into serious legal bother.”


Video: Duty, Honor, Country by General Douglas MacArthur

Read Duty, Honor, Country by General Douglas MacArthur Article

Video: Blood, Toil, Sweat, and Tears by Winston Churchill – May 13, 1940

Read Blood, Toil, Sweat, and Tears by Winston Churchill Article

Randy E King Bio, Biography

Randy E King, Business Leader, AuthorRandy King for over twenty-seven years has been a leader within America’s small business community. He was a senior leader with the US Chamber of Commerce for fifteen years. Randy was part of the National Training Council with the U.S. Chamber. He was appointed the National Sr. Director to develop the “Major Metro” project that is still in place today.

After leaving the Chamber, Randy founded his own software and consulting companies. He developed a performance program for a $17 billion energy company. His training turned around their losing business units by 600% in 16 months, while increasing productivity and greatly decreasing turnover.

Randy has consulted with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) the nation’s most influential small business advocacy group in Washington DC.

Throughout Randy’s career, he has been the keynote speaker and advisor to many fortune 500 companies on performance and development. He is frequently asked to speak at chamber functions and facilitate board retreats for chambers and Associations. He has been interviewed on hundreds of talk radio shows nationwide and internationally.

He served as a faculty member at one of the top university based leadership academies in the country, and conducts training for WACE- (Western Association of Chamber Executives) and ACCE- (American Associations of Chamber Executives).

He is on the advisory councils to the CEO’s of the US Green Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Home Troops, a non-profit Military Support Organization, that provides transition and integration support for American Military Service Members, Veterans and their Families.

He is President/CEO of several performance companies. As a national/international Best-Selling author with 9 business & leadership books to his credit. He has produced and authored a children’s book on what America means to our youth. He has several audio education programs and several “White Papers” on staff performance. He is the co-author of the world renowned, stories of usa.com. An interactive 14 language site for young Americans to understand the history of our American Heritage.

His lectures, books, educational site and overall message has been received and viewed by over 97% of countries throughout the world. He is currently working on his next 2 books which he is co-authoring, titled: “Is Anybody Listening?” A solutions-based Teen to Teen leadership book helping our young students overcoming adversity in school and life. DUPLICITOUS, Creating Real Social & Political Change within Our Nation Today!

Randy lives in Arizona with his wife Linda, and their Doberman, Miso (just like the soup)

To Contact Randy E. King please email: rking23@cox.net


Randy E. King: What is Best for America – #1 out of 4.7 Billion Results on Yahoo, Bing

What is BEST for America?

If your were to look at the search engine results for Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL, you will soon have your answer.

AOL: #12 out of 4.06 billion
Bing: #1 out of 4.8 billion
Google: #12 out of 4.06 billion
Yahoo: #1 out of 4.7 billion

Author Randy E. King has written – Left-Center-Right, What is BEST for America?
Randy E. King’s Congressional platform – What is BEST for America – 8 Point Plan

Video: Original Bill of Rights, First 10 Amendments

Read Original Bill of Rights, First 10 Amendments Article

Video: Battle of Little Big Horn Custers Last Stand 1876

Read Battle of Little Big Horn Custers Last Stand Article

Video: American Black Civil Rights Movement 1950s 1960s

Read American Black Civil Rights Movement Article

Video: Alcohol Prohibition 18th Amendment 1920-1933

Read Alcohol Prohibition 18th Amendment Article

What is BEST for America – 7 Point Plan

What is BEST for America – 7 Point Plan


I believe America is unique and rare, not because of its government, but because of our shared values of Liberty, Hard Work, Compassion, Respect for Life, and Personal Responsibility. We must all play our part in protecting what makes America great.

Guiding Principles:

1. Strong Personal Integrity and Accountability
Stay true to your convictions, remain consistent, and develop external systems of checks and balances to keep everyone accountable.

2. Limited Government
The role of government is to create a strong platform for both individual and collective growth and development. It is also to create limits and boundaries that protect and promote the general welfare of all our residents and citizens. The role of the individual is to exercise his / her rights and to keep all levels of government accountable.

3. Free Market System
The entrepreneurial spirit is one of the most powerful engines America has to generate prosperity for all. The individual has the capacity to move faster, be more creative, and be more flexible in the economic market than government. The role of government is to promote the rights of the individual to be an entrepreneur and to only restrict activities that cause significant harm to the rest of society.

4. Personal Faith
The Declaration of Independence says that people are created and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. The Bill of Rights states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. It is not the role of Government to promote one faith or religion over another, but to secure the ability for individuals to practice their faith as they see fit, as long as it brings no harm to other individuals.

Specific Issues:

National Security and National Defense:

One of the primary duties of the federal government, as listed in the Preamble of the US Constitution, is to provide for the common defense of the Nation. We must support our military forces with the best training, equipment, technology and infrastructure necessary to allow them to protect its citizens. When we are engaged in military action abroad, we must have a clearly defined mission and objectives. We must allow our ambassadors and diplomats to negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness. And we must have systems in place that reach a balance between national security & secrecy and the rights of the individual to know what the government is doing. And the rights of the individual trump the needs of national security. And we must never forget about our men and women in uniform that protect us.


Domestic energy production and consumption have become national security issues. It is imperative that enough energy, in the forms of gasoline, electricity, etc., is available to meet our growing demands. Currently, our top foreign sources for oil are (in order): Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Venezuela. Although Canada is one of our staunchest allies, Venezuela is not. In order to decrease potential political and security issues abroad, we must encourage increased energy production at home. Environmentally friendly renewable energy production, such as solar and geothermal, is part of the solution. However, it by itself is not enough to fulfill the country’s needs. Each type of energy production has its strengths and weaknesses. But it is not the role of government to choose winners and losers. Allow private individuals to bring various forms of energy to the market, and let the market decide. The primary role of the federal government in this case is to ensure the safety of individuals. Certain forms of energy production, such as nuclear fission, can be extremely dangerous. Laws and regulations should be in place to significantly reduce the risks. However, the federal government should not be directly funding specific businesses or organizations. It should be focused on encouraging innovation.

Energy distribution is another significant issue. In 2003, much of the Northeast (about 55 million people) was without power for about two days. It was caused by a power surge that made a power plant in Ohio shut down. And in 2011, a severed power line in Arizona forced the San Onofre nuclear power plant near San Diego to go offline. This terminated electrical power to about 5 million people in Arizona, California and northern Mexico for almost a day. It is imperative that a plan is implemented which improves the efficiency and redundancy of these electrical distribution channels.


I have been involved with the business community since I was 19 years old. I worked my up through the US Chamber of Commerce to become one of its most successful leaders, developed my own successful corporations, and became a speaker and author on business strategies and business leadership. I have been working directly with lobbyists, Congressional leaders, business owners, and non-profit organizations for many years. The solution to our current economic problems is simple: Allow private-sector innovators to do what they do best and get government out of the way. The federal government needs to do the following:

1) Eliminate many government programs that are obsolete or counterproductive to private-sector market growth.

2) Develop fiscally sound financial budgets for all aspects of the federal budget that must be adhered to.

3) Make it easier to bring a product or service to the marketplace by reducing or eliminating requirements created by the federal government.


Legal immigration has been a part of our American heritage since the birth of our Nation. We pride ourselves in both diversity and the rule of law. We cannot financially support a policy that allows everyone who wants to be here to freely enter the country without restrictions. We must have adequate and efficient systems in place that regulate our borders to reduce and prevent foreign nationals from entering the country without prior permission. We are also a compassionate country. The 14th Amendment states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.” If we want to adhere to the laws the we ourselves as a country have voted into place, we must find a way to integrate the millions of children that are born here from both legal and illegal immigrants into our society. The best way to do this is to encourage them to become well-adjusted, educated, and active tax-paying participants of our local communities and our Nation as a whole.


I am co-producer of a website that directly tackles issues within our current educational system. The website (StoriesofUSA.com) is in fourteen languages and gets thousands of visitors daily from all over the world. It has received a commendation from the US Department of Education. I have also written or co-authored ten books on the subjects of business leadership, youth leadership, American patriotism, politics and education. It is our collective duty to ensure that the next generation is able to compete in the global marketplace. The federal government must set the example and establish and maintain national standardized tests in which all students across the country must pass in order to graduate with a high school diploma. These educational goals can be accomplished, however, without any significant expenditures from the federal government. If we establish base level curriculum standards at the collegiate level, these standards will then be passed down to K-12 schools through the accreditation process. And the federal government should issue tax credits to legitimate businesses and organizations that assist in the development of any non-payroll infrastructure development within any accredited public or private school. This will foster involvement between our schools and their local communities.


We must strike a balance between the needs of our current generation to expand and the desires to protect our lands and our environment for future generations. I encourage funding and protecting our current National Park System. I would like to make other underdeveloped federal lands (especially those that fall under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management) open to joint business opportunities, such as timber production and mining. The land would be leased to businesses that qualify. They would manage daily operations of that business, and in return, would pay royalty fees back to the federal government. I am also adamantly against any form of carbon cap and trade policy. There is not enough scientific evidence to show that controlling carbon emissions would significantly alter global climates, especially when many other highly populated countries like China and India do not have such regulations in place. And this cap and trade policy could increase production costs for a business. I do understand the need to protect endangered species, and I respect the actions of groups like the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society. They try to create legislation through legitimate grassroots support. I respect the current environmental laws that are in place, as long as they have broad national support.

Health Care:

The federal government should not be directly involved in the operational management of hospitals and doctors. Health care is a highly specialized field that requires years of scholarship and practical experience. The high cost of insurance is due in part to the significant risk of lawsuits and the way that health insurance companies and government health plans pay out on claims. The federal government should work with organizations like the American Medical Association to consider eliminating regulations that either directly or indirectly increase the cost of health care and do not add any significant protection to the individual. The government should also work with these same organizations to develop laws and regulations that find a balance between consumer protection and reduced risk of consumer litigation that in the end will significantly reduce the costs involved in providing medical care.

Kids Can Corner

13 Year Old, Emili Cabrera, Needs Your Help Raising Money to Help Academically Focused Underprivileged Teens Gain Opportunities for Education and Leadership Training.

Upcoming Events:

Click for Event Flyer

Kids Can Winter Wonderland
First Annual Benefit Concert
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 from 4:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Fiesta Palace Party Hall
11150 Montwood Dr #B5
El Paso, TX 79936

Raffle, Silent Auction, Refreshments, Balloonists, Musicians, Magicians, Santa Clause, and other Activities for Children

Please volunteer to help make this event a great success for our youth:

If interested please contact Jennifer or Emili Cabrera at your earliest convenience 915.791.2286

To Whom It May Concern:

People to People is a for profit organization that offers adolescents the chance to travel while getting a head start on their college education. I, Emili Cabrera, am a 13 year old and have been nominated to participate in their European Odyssey tour as a student ambassador of the United States. After attending an orientation, I felt both excited and overwhelmed. My excitement stemmed from the vast amount of information and the realization that this journey is the opportunity of a lifetime. The overwhelming part is the cost associated with the trip and the fact that I’m a daughter of a low income single parent household. However, obstacles should simply be viewed as something to overcome and immediately prompts me into action.

People to People offers tweens, teens, and young adults an opportunity to travel across seven continents through their junior high and high school years as student ambassadors of the United States. Each of the forty students selected to attend an excursion must first be nominated, complete an application, and pass the interview process. Once chosen, the students will learn leadership skills, the culture, and history up close and hands on. At the journey’s end these young adults will receive a certificate of completion which can be used towards college credits at six of the eight Ivy League schools and many more.

The orientation demonstrated ordinary children doing extraordinary things. One example is that our generation is more willing to volunteer than ever before. Another example is we’re taking a stand and making a change by creating an awareness of global issues, informing our nation’s leaders, and doing something about it. Examples of these are when student ambassadors organized the following events: donating shoes to third world countries, organizing supplies for our soldiers in Afghanistan, and starting an organization that promotes random acts of kindness reaching people across the globe. Each student ambassador as an individual impacted the world and lit a fire within me to do something extraordinary.

As previously mentioned, there are cost associated with each tour ranging between six and ten thousand dollars. People to People does offer partial scholarships, however, for the most part you’re responsible to cover the expense. The Monday immediately proceeding the Saturday orientation I set out via foot on bus seeking sponsors and donations. Many were willing to help with small items and door prizes, but with little to no incentive to offer their company I was forced to find an alternative to raise the funds. The idea to host a banquet was a direct result to the lack of sponsorship. Soon after I created an online ad for local talent and quickly received positive responses. Realizing the limitless possibilities and funds this could raise encouraged me to help others in the same or similar situations and start an organization called Kids Can.

Kids Can is designed to promote the importance of education, volunteering in your community, leadership skills, and remind kids that they can do anything they set their mind to regardless of their circumstance. I would like to take part in what kids can and decide what to do in making our world a better place and with your help I’m confident I know this thirteen year old KID CAN.

Progress Updates

Kids Can Winter Wonderland First Annual Benefit Concert – December 14, 2011
Fiesta Palace Party Hall


Adventure Zone, 251 E. Redd Rd., El Paso, TX 79932, 915.585.9663
Bowling Family YMCA: 5509 Will Ruth, El Paso, TX 79924, 915.755.9622
Carmike 16 Theater: 9840 Gateway Blvd. North, El Paso, TX 79924, 915.751.6867
Chili’s Grill & Bar: 4525 Woodrow Bean, El Paso, TX 79924, 915.757.3609
CiCi’s Pizza: 4654 Woodrow Bean, El Paso, TX 79924, 915.751.7788
Great American Steakhouse: 7600 Alabama St., El Paso, TX 79904, 915.751.5300
Helen of Troy: 1 Helen of Troy Plaza, El Paso, TX 79912, 915.225.8000
Party City: 655 Sunland Park Dr. #C-2, El Paso, TX 79912, 915.581.5522
WalMart Supercenter: 4530 Woodrow Bean, El Paso, TX 79924, 915.757.0151
Western Playland Amusement Park: 1249 Futurity Dr., Sunland Park, NM 88063, 575.589.3410


Diamond Crest Consulting
Randy E King


Jennifer or Emili Cabrera – transglobalrc@yahoo.com, 915.791.2286

Veteran’s Day 2011 Event in Placentia, CA with OC Supervisor Shawn Nelson

Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson &
The cities of Placentia, Fullerton and Brea

Cordially invites you to honor the 66 Fallen Military Heroes of Orange County

Tri City Park
2301 N. Kraemer Blvd.
Placentia, CA 92870

Veteran’s Day
November 11, 2011 @2pm-5pm

American Patriotic Songs and Instrumentals by Rose Drive Friends Church 60-member choir

Honor Guard and Parents escort by St. Catherine’s Military Academy

First Candle Lighting by Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Staff Sgt Walt Ehlers honoring his fallen brother, Roland, KIA June 6, 1944

Bagpipes and Drum Team, 21 Gun Salute, Taps

Eternal Flame Lighting by Richard Carroll – Vietnam Veterans of America

Free Public Parking at Tuffree Middle School

Bathrooms – Handicap Parking – Police Security

Event Coordinator: Steve Spernak Office of Supervisor Shawn Nelson

Gathering of the Crosses – Presented by Chuck Morse

Jim Ragan, Beaumont, Carol’s Kitchen President, True Patriot Passed Away

Jim Ragan is the father of Carol Ragan and husband of Arlene Ragan.

I had the opportunity to meet Jim on a couple of occasions. I found him to be a true gentleman. He was passionate about life and about helping others less fortunate in his community of Beaumont, California. And it was through the Carol’s Kitchen Charitable Foundation that he was able to do so.

Carol’s Kitchen Philosophy:

At Carol’s Kitchen, it is our intent to continue to serve hungry people in the San Gorgonio Pass area with dignity and compassion. We also want to provide a place of fellowship and understanding to those in need. It is our policy that no one be turned away. The only requirement for our guests is that they are hungry.

He passed away in the evening of November 6, 2011. He truly loved his community and his country.

Occupy the Library Movement

In honor of the 99% that are being represented by the men and women that are selflessly working on creating a brand new form of government on the now dead grass and trash-filled streets of Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, et al, the producers of StoriesofUSA.com are officially kicking off our Occupy the Library Movement.

It is our hope that through free education, hard work, clear minds and clean bodies, people will absorb the knowledge they need to truly create an exciting future for themselves, their friends, their family, and their community.

Please join our cause to educate the world about what Government Of the People, By the People, For the People truly means by spreading our message of education and hard work to all of your friends and family.

My Public Library “Rules of Conduct” – 2011

Be considerate and respectful of all users and staff, and behave in a manner that does not disturb other persons. Unacceptable conduct includes, but is not limited to:

1. Loud, disruptive and inappropriate behavior that would be annoying to a reasonable person using this library

2. Damaging or stealing property

3. Sleeping

4. Use of tobacco products

5. Possession of firearms, weapons or illegal substance

6. Treat library property with respect

7. Dress appropriately. Person whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other persons shall be required to leave building

8. Supervise your children and assist them in observing appropriate conduct

9. Silence your cell phone

10. Leave bicycles and gasoline-powered vehicles outside

11. Personal items are not to be left unattended. Carry or keep items with you at all times. The library is not responsible for items left unattended

12. Comply with staff request on regard to library policies

13. Assistance dogs are the only animals permitted in the library

Noncompliance with the Rules of Conduct may result in expulsion from the Library and/or suspension of library privileges.


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What to Do With Teenagers
10 Things to Help Me with My Teenager on How to Become Successful in School and Life

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By CEO / Author Randy E. King

Is Anybody Listening Book Cover "Raising teenagers is like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree."
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