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Left Center Right: What is Best for America

What is BEST for America? (Randy E. King)

It's Our Country, It's YOUR Choice

(Winning Strategies, Thoughts & Inspirations)

I wrote this book for us to understand our past, be able to understand where we are at today - the present, and to understand the future of the American Democracy for both ourselves and our children. My book focuses on four areas of Success in America: Personal, Professional, Political and our Children's success - in order to preserve and continue the great Heritage and Legacy that is the United States of America.

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There are over 300 pages and 20 chapters that discuss:

Left-Center-Right: What is BEST for America?

Success is a journey and not a destination, success will put you in touch with who you are, it will put you in places that you can't see right now, when you get there you will realize the process of getting there is more important than arriving.

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