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"We commend you for your efforts to develop and improve access to high-quality history education resources that will
enhance the teaching and learning of history in schools across this nation"
- US Department of Education

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Tell Us Your Patriotic Story of America and are about what it means to be an American. We strongly encourage you to visit both websites. Please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or your own personal story of what it means to be an American. You can also submit videos to

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  • Jim says:

    I was thinking about this site some more and this site was founded on the principal that Democrats, Republicans, all denominations of religion as long as you believe in God and our country could benefit and could have AMERICAN PRIDE looking at this site. No other site on the internet lifts up God and Country, American Heroes and gives people a place to tell their patriotic stories…You and Mike have given people a place to build up hope again for America.

  • MARIE says:

    THANK YOU for this special AMERICAN PRIDE web site.THANK YOU for reminding us what this great country stands for and for what you are doing for our children. Thank you for providing a forum to learn about American patriotism and a place for Americans to share their stories. THANK YOU to all who contribute to this site. THANK YOU to the children of Freedom Academy and a Special THANK YOU TO RANDY AND MIKE FOR THE LOVE AND DEVOTION IT TAKES TO PUT TOGETHER THIS BEAUTIFUL AMAZING WEB SITE, AND THANK YOU DOUG FOR WRITING AND SINGING

  • Lillian says:

    We are so blessed to live in such a great country. May God richly bless and keep our service men and women safe. I have four brothers that served in the armed forces. One of them was in the Navy, one was in the Air Force and the other two served in the Army. My husband has two brothers that have served in the armed forces. One of them was in the Army and the other was in the Air Force. At the present time I have a grandson in the Navy. I have not seen him in his Navy uniform yet but you can bet when I do this will be one proud grandmother. I am so thankful for the time and sacrifice men and women have given for our freedom. May God continue to bless this great country and keep us free. I want to say thank you to each and every srvice man and woman in uniform. The men and women in the armed forces are the backbone of this country. Thank God for this great country. I am so proud of America.

  • Diane says:

    This is awesome! My dad is blind and anyhting like this is so wonderful. It engages so many people that think that can’t be involved any more. I love it!

  • Randy says:

    ‎80 countries within 80 days! America is the place to be! when the world has a site to see what America is all about and the stories of greatness, there is something to be said. DO you think that certain members of our elected officals need some founding principles within their thought process? Hey, if the world wants to see, why not! please visit to see what everyone is talking about…. tell the world your story how great America is, and what it means to you and your family!

  • Sandy says:

    I am on the Board of Directors at our Chamber and I am also the Tourism Director for Humphreys County. I love reading all these great ideas – it just keeps me going.

  • Todd says:

    Keep up the Great Work!

  • Shelly says:

    How wonderful, especially to give them an accurate portrayal of American history; I am not familiar with the curriculum being taught, however, I imagine that it will not be skewed if we intend for our children to learn something. In addition, it is so important to begin raising awareness of our environment and how we can preserve it.

  • Zack says:

    Keys to a better life –
    Well-wishers were laughing and crying all at once when wounded Iraq War veteran Evan Morgan ticked off all that he had in common with Army Cpl. Wesley Leon-Barrientos, a double amputee who received the keys to a new barrier-free house from Homes for Our Troops Saturday

  • Karin says:

    What an awesome thing to do!

  • lindsy says:

    If we don’t appreciate what we have we will lose it. America needs to realize that Freedom can be taken away and well as given. Thank you for this site that reminds all of us that we should pay attention.

  • miso says:

    if we don’t appreciate what we have we will lose it. America needs to realize that Freedom can be taken away and well as given. Thank you for this site that reminds all of us that we should pay attention. Linda

  • chris 2 says:

    Our country has been the champion for freedom and human rights since it began…..We hold certain Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

  • chris says:

    God bless keep up the good fight for the USA…..And I’m proud to be an American,
    where at least I know I’m free.
    And I won’t forget the men who died,
    who gave that right to me….

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  • Steve says:

    Great Americans Support The Troops HD

    Higher Definition Beginning of Video is a quick visual summary of the trials and sacrifices our men and women in uniform make to keep us all safe. The balance of the video is a story of Hero’s Night Out and a night of food and drink in the VIP Room to take the wounded warriors night off the rehab….

  • Denise says:

    God bless keep up the good fight for the USA!

  • Marshall says:

    As a Magazine Publisher, I thought this was pretty interesting!

  • James says:

    Thank you;
    IT IS OUR CONSTITUTION; DO YOU WANT TO KEEP IT OR WHAT? I SAY KEEP IT; ENFORCE IT; LIVE BY IT! There comes a time when the people of a nation must take charge of their government and answer for it. Since I never believed in the word impossible I now stand before you telling you we can and will bring our gove…rnment back to its founding roots, THIS I WILL DO!!! If I do nothing else! There is so much more we can do but only together. Do not give up! We do have a future; yes I’m a presidential candidate for 2012. We must understand, that Society is a blessing, but government, even at its best state, is a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; when we exposed to the same miseries which we might expect in a country without government! Our ability to control and change our future is the ability to unite together. For together we can! Check me out, = THE FIRST AMENDMENT JdP.S. BEFORE YOU DECIDE GO TO YOUTUBE.COM once inside type jdcriveau listen to my videos also go to myspace. Com once inside search JDC-48 read the platform. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. You do matter

  • Mark says:

    Excellent web site to learn more about our Country

  • Jen says:

    I love this, Randy! Thanks so much for being so passionate about America! I am so happy to have had the great pleasure of working with you! It is awesome to see my student, Faith, sharing what America means to her . . . with the entire country! We wouldn’t have had this opportunity without you! You rock, Randy! Can’t wait for more! :) Thanks for the chat today. Have a happy 4th! :)

  • I am 25 years old. The problem I have noticed with some of the generation before me, the majority of my generation, and all of the generations behind me is it has become cool to be UnAmercian and UnPatriotic. You are made fun of, laughed at, teased, and thought of as “weird” if you like and support our country.

    This problem has been brought on by ignorant people and parents who have not taken the time to educate their children on how privileged we are in America. Kids brought up now a day’s have no idea what it is like in other countries. They have no idea how restricted life is outside of our borders. Because of this, they cannot begin to comprehend the freedoms we are given. Freedoms we are just given, we don’t have to work for them, they are freely given to us on a daily basis because generations before us fought and died for them.

    Are generations are being brought up and let to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they have nobody to discipline them, no one to set them straight, and no repercussion for their miss-conducted actions. Parents have become afraid to discipline their children. Heaven forbid they get caught spanking their child, authorities maybe called on them for such a thing. Our future generations are being brought up with no respect, no manners, and no knowledge of our country and its history. Our countries’ history classes are being stripped from our schools are replaced with foreign country histories. I believe educating our generations on other countries is a wonderful idea, but it needs to be used to solidify our country and used for examples of how privileged we are. Not to damage and poison our own country.

    With the way things are going I see, in the not to distance future, generations that will once again be forced to fight and die for freedoms we once had because we did not properly educate and discipline our future generations in order to secure our future freedoms.

  • Professor Orlando Patterson says:

    “For most of human history, and for nearly all of the non-Western world prior to Western contact, freedom was, and for many still remains, anything but an obvious or desirable goal. Other values and ideals were, or are, of far greater importance to them-values such as the pursuit of glory, honor, and power for oneself or one’s family and clan, nationalism, and imperial grandeur, militarism and valor in warfare, filial piety, the harmony of heaven and earth, the spreading of the “true faith”,nirvana, hedonism, altruism, justice, equality, material progress-the list is endless. But almost never, outside the context of Western culture and its influence, has it included freedom.

    Indeed, non-Western peoples have thought so little about freedom that most human languages did not even possess a word for the concept before contact with the West.”

  • the author says:

    As this site and the ebook get out to the public, we are having some fantastic responses! Once gain, our goal here is to make a difference and truly get us all back to the basics of American Pride. The emails have been pouring in and a few phone calls about how this has touched the lives of the readers. This is our goal!

  • Bo says:

    This site has so much information it blows me away, where was this when I was struggling in high school history; AWESOME SITE. Before I had the honor of personally meeting Mr. King I can honestly say that other than the War I had no interest in the economy or activity in America. But Mr. King changed all of that, he IS the one who influenced me to be involved about everything going on in America. I will never forget when he told me, “you should be involved cause you and your generation are the future”. After that I have seen every site, listened to every CD and I am now reading one of his books on business (which is Excellent). I gave the CD to my dad and he has listened to it too many times haha. Thank you Mr. King you have done something to be very proud of.

  • Proud Marine says:

    Every time I jump on this site, I find Hope and insperation that America will continue to be the greatest nation there is. Marines dont cry, their eyes sweat, and mine have done that many times looking at the American nuggets that are within this site. I just pulled up the Statue of Liberty and played to first video. what a touching song….

  • proud mom says:

    I was looking at the e-book again and it brought tears to my eyes!

  • Linda says:

    My parents were both immigrants they came over in the forties through Elis Island. My father was twenty and was from Morocco, which is a Arabic country in North Africa. He came with nothing and became a very successful business man. He met my mother who was from Turkey through her parents; it was an arranged marriage. They were both Jewish. My father came to America for a better life, for freedom and especially for freedom of religion. In Morocco where he was from you could not practice your religion openly. My father and mother loved America ad never wanted to go back to where they came from. My father brought other Jewish Morrocons our great country and gave them employment in his business. Freedom, Libery, and the ability to become who you want to be that is what America is about. Linda

  • wish I could see him again says:

    My father served in the military. I mever knew him very well. growting up as an only child, he worked all the time to support the family. as I grew up and As i today am his age when i look back, I wish that we spent more time together. he died at a very early age and did not get to enjoy his retirment! I wish that I could have one more conversation with my father! I have 2 young childern and will not make the mistake of not getting to know them. when they push me away with their busy schedules and its not cool to kiss or hug them in front of their freinds, well, thats just too bad. I wish that my father would have hugged me more. this site brings me and my boys together…thank you…

  • A.R. says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Randy at a function that he was at as one of the speakers. I had to meet this guy! his passion for America and clarity to what makes it work was great. after reviewing this site, I can see why his leadership, books and lecture series has helped so many people around the World! He handed me a copy of his book with a personal note and signature. I could not wait to get home and dive into it. this is a special person that I am glad that I have met!

  • matt says:

    I cant get off this site! everywhere i look, there is History and more history. i will bet you that 90% of adults do not know 1/3 of this info. how can we keep history alive that has built this great land if the adults are not educated. dumb parents will most likely produce dumb children unless something or someone kicks them all in the A——. hey, i dont know about you, but America is all that we have. we mess this up and we are all doomed. GREAT SITE…..THANK YOU!

  • Glen says:

    can’t thank you enough for this, I’ve put it in my favorites and plan to view it on a regular basis. I’m going to settle back now and listen to the essays. Thank you again.

  • MARIE says:

    This is truly a amazing site and a wonderful teaching tool for children and adults. THANK YOU.

  • Tammy Hales says:

    This is a great site. I have forwarded it to my son’s teacher.
    Great learning tool. I am glad there is still sites on the internet geared toward children’s learning.

  • Tiffany says:

    This is a GREAT site! I am 11 years old and they do not teach alot if this in schools. I like the video part to each history lesson and you can read as much as you like.

  • proud to know you says:

    In todays’ doom and gloom, it is great to see something postive! this site is a one stop History lesson. with the videos and information, I will be setting down with my grand kids and spending hours on this site. Great job! and thank you for giving back to America!

  • Linda says:

    wow! what a great site! this thing has it all. videos text, you can spend hours educating your self on the history of America. my parents came from South Africa. they did well and so have I……

  • Randy says:

    proud to be an American

  • Mike says:

    Caleb Taylor dreamer & humanitarian, Hoshiwara & Jess realist, Joe Gracie, Faith and Victoria sharing optimism; this is a unique website for children to express their thoughts and be heard. Now, it is time for our world to recognize the children are indeed our future and to do what is necessary to ensure a healthy environment for them to live on.

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