WW2 Battles History, World War 2, WWII – 1939-1945

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WW2 Battles History, World War 2, WWII – 1939-1945

WW2 Battles History, World War 2, WWII – 1939-1945

Pearl Harbor Attack 1941

Major Events in World War 2

July 29, 1921 – Adolf Hitler becomes leader of Nazi party

October 28, 1922 – Benito Mussolini becomes leader of Italy

September 19, 1931 – Japanese troops seize Chinese territory; Manchurian incident

November 8, 1932 – Franklin D Roosevelt elected President of the United States

January 30, 1933 – Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany

June 1933 – Nazis open Dachau concentration camp

August 19, 1934 – Adolf Hitler becomes F├╝hrer

March 7, 1936 – German troops occupy the Rhineland

May 9, 1936 – Mussolini’s Italian forces take Ethiopia

October 15, 1938 – German troops occupy Sudetenland; Czech government resigns

March 15-16, 1939 – Nazis take Czechoslovakia

May 22, 1939 – Nazis sign Pact of Steel with Italy

August 23, 1939 – German-U.S.S.R. non-aggression pact signed

September 1, 1939 – Nazis invade Poland; World War II officially begins

September 3, 1939 – Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany

September 5, 1939 – United States proclaims neutrality

September 17, 1939 – Soviets invade Poland

November 30, 1939 – Soviets attack Finland

April 9, 1940 – Nazis invade Denmark and Norway

May 10, 1940 – Nazis invade France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands; Winston Churchill becomes British prime minister

June 14, 1940 – Germans enter Paris

July 10, 1940 – Battle of Britain begins

July 23, 1940 – Soviets annex Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia

September 27, 1940 – Tripartite (Axis) Pact signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan

October 28, 1940 – Italy invades Greece

February 12, 1941 – German General Erwin Rommel arrives in Tripoli, North Africa

April 6, 1941 – Nazis invade Greece and Yugoslavia

June 22, 1941 – Germany attacks Soviet Union as Operation Barbarossa begins

July 12, 1941 – Mutual Assistance agreement between British and Soviets

August 12, 1941 – Roosevelt and Churchill sign Atlantic Charter

August 20, 1941 – Nazi siege of Leningrad begins

December 7, 1941 – Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor; Hitler issues “Night and Fog” decree

December 8, 1941 – United States and Britain declare war on Japan

December 11, 1941 – Germany declares war on United States

April 1942 – Doolittle leads first American bombing attack on Japan

June 1942 – Mass murder of Jews by gassing begins at Auschwitz extermination camp

June 4-5, 1942 – The United States wins decisive naval battle at Midway

September 13, 1942 – Battle of Stalingrad begins

November 8, 1942 – Operation Torch begins U.S. invasion of North Africa

February 2, 1943 – Germans surrender at Stalingrad in the first big defeat of Hitler’s armies

May 13, 1943 – German and Italian troops surrender in North Africa

July 25-26, 1943 – Mussolini is arrested, and Fascist government fails; Marshal Pietro Badoglio takes over and negotiates with Allies

September 8, 1943 – Italian surrender announced

October 13, 1943 – Italy declares war on Germany

January 6, 1944 – Soviet troops advance into Poland

June 6, 1944 – D Day landings

June 9, 1944 – Soviet offensive against Finnish front begins

August 8, 1944 – U.S. troops complete capture of the Marianas Islands

August 15, 1944 – Allied invasion of southern France, Operation Dragoon(Anvil), begins

August 25, 1944 – Liberation of Paris

December 16-27, 1944 – Battle of the Bulge in Ardennes

January 26, 1945 – Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz

February 4-11, 1945 – Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin meet at Yalta

March 9, 1945 – U.S. B-29s bomb Tokyo

April 1, 1945 – U.S. troops encircle German troops in Ruhr; Allied offensive in northern Italy; Americans land in Okinawa

April 12, 1945 – President Roosevelt dies; Truman becomes president

April 21, 1945 – Soviets reach Berlin

April 30, 1945 – Adolf Hitler commits suicide

May 7, 1945 – Unconditional surrender of all German forces to Allies

June 5, 1945 – Allies divide up Germany and take over government

July 1, 1945 – U.S., British, and French troops move into Berlin

August 6, 1945 – First atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

August 9, 1945 – Second atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

August 14, 1945 – Japanese agree to unconditional surrender

September 2, 1945 – Japanese sign surrender agreement on USS Missouri, Tokyo Bay. World War II ends

October 24, 1945 – United Nations is officially born

November 20, 1945 – Nuremberg war crimes trials begin

Source: http://www.ww2homefront.com/timeline/index.html

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