Left Center Right: What is Best for America

What is BEST for America? (Randy E. King)

It’s Our Country, It’s YOUR Choice

(Winning Strategies, Thoughts & Inspirations)

I wrote this book for us to understand our past, be able to understand where we are at today – the present, and to understand the future of the American Democracy for both ourselves and our children. My book focuses on four areas of Success in America: Personal, Professional, Political and our Children’s success – in order to preserve and continue the great Heritage and Legacy that is the United States of America.

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There are over 300 pages and 20 chapters that discuss:

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    Politics – Policy and your Personal Philosophy

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    Leading the No Excuse Life

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    The Three C’s

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    The Rules of Conduct

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    13 Most Patriotic Speeches

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    Developing Your Personal Foundation

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    Developing the Wings to Soar in America

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    The World Came to See America

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    Discovering Your American Dream

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    Politics and Young Americans – They are the Future

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    Great Achievements by Teenagers

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    What is Next for America?

Left-Center-Right: What is BEST for America?

Success is a journey and not a destination, success will put you in touch with who you are, it will put you in places that you can’t see right now, when you get there you will realize the process of getting there is more important than arriving.

Testimonials / Book Reviews:

  • Randy:

    I met you last Wednesday evening at the Professional Networking Group at AmTrust Bank, purchased your book and listened to your brief but inspiring talk.

    This is a superb read for a brief review of our political system, personal motivation that tilts toward “The Law of Attraction,” a primer for now and the future and full speeches by many that we should honor as well as charts for all to use. This should be a “must read” for every student in their developmental years, parent, educator, and organization owners/managers everywhere in the universe.

    Thank you and I am glad that I have lived long enough to have acquired and read your book.

    Frank L. Mills, MMAS, MBA

    VP Arrowhead Kiwanis Club in Peoria
  • It was weird reading your book… your style of talking is very much like mine. In fact, “put it in the universe” is one of our school’s lines used almost daily. In fact, in our first phone call it was noticed by our team
    when you used it.

    Now for your book! America needs an alteration of attitude in the spirit of our youth. Your book plants a vision of a better America and ultimately world.

    I would be interested in purchasing a class set.. in fact, I would purchase them for any family that will read it together and fill out a family worksheet prepared asking them to think about the book and the topics.

    Finally, FAITH is a distinct vibration which radiates into the “mother-spiritual” element and acts in much the same matter as a magnet to attract the universal forces and focus them in your direction. That is why we met!

    Superintendent Vickie Christensen – Mohave Accelerated Learning Center
  • My teenage son was causing problems and being rebellious. He took my car and stayed out late against my permission. I grounded him for several weeks, and as a result, he would not be able to go to the high school prom. After reading the first 2 chapters of Left-Center-Right: What is BEST for America?, my son come to me and apologized for his poor behavior. He also requested that he would like to go to the school dance and that he would pay for the tickets and all the other expenses. Thank you for your foresight and inspiration!

    Bank President
  • After reading your book, you are on to something Big

    Mark – CEO
  • I do not normally do this on my show, however this book should be read by every young person and child in America

    Larry – National Radio/Talk Show Host
  • THANK YOU!!! I appreciate you allowing me to use this. By the way… I finished your book the other night and loved it. I have always second guessed myself as to why I have stayed with the same company for the past 16 years… after reading your book I now know I stayed because it was/is the right thing to do. I have been promoted, never been laid off or fired even during poor economic times and have always continued to learn new positions. Now that I have a family, I get to work around my schedule and they even allowed me to take an extended leave so I could pursue my current radio gig. As soon as the radio thing ends… I get to go back if I want. Your book has also inspired me to make my book happen! Thank you to both of you for all of the help and motivation… I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!

    – Julie
  • Randy, finished reading your new book Sunday morning. Started it late Friday night. Only put it down to eat, bathroom breaks and to get a new Cigar each time I finished one. Outstanding!!!!!!! Your best one yet! This is a must read by every Patriot!! Should be required reading in all schools. Sincerely,

    – Steve “The Chairman”