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Famous American Broadcast Journalists

Broadcast journalism comes into American homes each night with an overview of the news. Although cable networks are offering more jobs in this field, a few names stand alone as its pioneers

1. Truman Capote

Most people remember Capote for his work Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which became a popular movie starring Audrey Hepburn. He’s also won awards for short stories and written a non-fiction novel. That journalistic work in 1966 took him six years to write. 

2. Barbara Walters

Walters is a pioneer for women in American broadcast journalism. She’s co-hosted several shows, leading her to be named as one of the 50 greatest TV stars by TV Guide

3. Dan Rather

Rather’s first radar weather report is said to have saved thousands during the events of Hurricane Carla. After rising to fame, he’d spend 24 years on the CBS Evening News. After being fired due to the Killian documents, he started hosting his own shows. 

4. Walter Cronkite

Cronkite was once named the most trusted man in America because of his role on the CBS Evening News. He spent 19 years in that role, developing the catchphrase “and that’s the way it is.” He’s the only person to receive the Ambassador of Exploration award from NASA without being an employee. 

5. Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell has written several bestselling books, including Blink and Outliers. He’s written several pieces for The Washington Post and The New Yorker, focusing on subjects like sociology and economics. He’s the founder of a podcast company and hosts “Revisionist History.”

Broadcast journalism is a tough job because it exposes the truth. That’s why it takes a special soul to do the work! Follow a few current event blogs, and you may soon see new rising journalism stars.

New York City Is First to Mandate Proof of Vaccine 

New York City became the first in the United States to require customers and workers to prove at least one vaccine dose for indoor activities.

That mandate includes showing proof of one’s vaccination status to enjoy any indoor dining experiences.

Restaurants are not the only industry affected by this mandate. Gyms, Broadway performances, and other indoor entertainment venues must all comply with the order.

NYC implemented this requirement after similar requirements were issued in Italy and France in July. Enforcement began on September 13 after the rules took effect on August 16.

City Workers Face Weekly Testing in NYC

Mayor de Blasio has made aggressive moves to encourage more New Yorkers to get vaccinated. With concerns over the Delta variant spreading, city workers who don’t get their Covid shots face a weekly testing protocol.

The NYC mayor has also offered a $100 incentive to the public if they’re willing to get their vaccinations.

“If you want to participate in our society fully,” he said at an August press conference, “you’ve got to get vaccinated. It’s time.” 

These rules come as other states mandate vaccines for employees and contractors and reinstate indoor mask requirements. The school year is already rocky because of the Delta variant, with hundreds of students and teachers getting infected. In August, two teachers from the same Texas district died from the disease, forcing them to switch to online learning.

Before the Delta variant surge, the U.S. was averaging about 13,000 daily cases. That figured jumped to 86,000 per day, with almost all those figures coming from unvaccinated populations.

There is no timetable in place to remove the mandate for proof of vaccination, and it may be wise to monitor political dynamics as it relates to this issue.