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 1 and 3 U.S. Children Lack Enough Health Coverage

Children need a lot of care and love. They are prone to a significant number of illnesses and health conditions. For this reason, it is essential that they have health coverage. Unfortunately, although the United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world, a significant number of children lack health insurance. 

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A 2019 study reports that about 34% of U.S. kids age 17 and below were “underinsured”. What this means is that their insurance cover cannot address their total health need or give them access to their preferred healthcare providers. Their providers came at an expensive cost or weren’t adequate at all times. It seems like this is a growing trend as in 2016, this figure was at 30.6%. 

The harm with inadequate insurance is that it leaves families with no choice but to delay or even ignore the medical needs of their children. This is even more harmful to children with complex or chronic health conditions. Parents or guardians are left to make a choice between providing basic necessities or paying for their kids’ medical care.

The 2019 research mentioned above also revealed that over two-thirds of Americans under 18 have adequate insurance cover, and 1 in 3 of this age group did not. From the foregoing finding, there is enough room for improvement. Children deserved adequate healthcare. 

Activities in Los Angeles to Help You Stay Fit

You’ve taken all the right steps to stay fit. You’re getting active in your community, playing a favorite sport, and taking your Organifi daily. 

The problem with a routine is that it can get a bit dull and lifeless. If you’re ready to add some excitement to your fitness efforts, here are the best activities to try when you’re in the Los Angeles area.

Best Activities to Try in LA Today

You don’t need to spend money at a local gym when you’ve got these options available to enjoy.

1. Hiking and Climbing Stairs

If you want to get fit fast, try taking a quick hike at Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon. When you want to linger and enjoy the view, Los Liones Canyon is a great choice. You can also start trekking the four-mile loop at Temescal Canyon Gateway Park to have a great time.

2. Get Your Surf On

LA offers access to several Pacific Ocean beaches that have just the right amount of surf for beginners. You can opt for private or small group lessons without breaking your budget. 

3. Do Some Climbing

Los Angeles offers some great bouldering activities where climbing centers offer one-day passes. An annual membership can save you some cash if you like the action. If you’ve never tried it before, consider taking one of the local workshops or classes.

4. Join a Meetup Group

Numerous LA meetup groups gather daily for fun fitness activities. You can find salsa, yoga, running, and more available. It’s a great way to meet new people or try something different.

Living in Los Angeles lets you try many different experiences. When you want to stay fit, try adding one of these options to your daily routine!

Famous American Broadcast Journalists

Broadcast journalism comes into American homes each night with an overview of the news. Although cable networks are offering more jobs in this field, a few names stand alone as its pioneers

1. Truman Capote

Most people remember Capote for his work Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which became a popular movie starring Audrey Hepburn. He’s also won awards for short stories and written a non-fiction novel. That journalistic work in 1966 took him six years to write. 

2. Barbara Walters

Walters is a pioneer for women in American broadcast journalism. She’s co-hosted several shows, leading her to be named as one of the 50 greatest TV stars by TV Guide

3. Dan Rather

Rather’s first radar weather report is said to have saved thousands during the events of Hurricane Carla. After rising to fame, he’d spend 24 years on the CBS Evening News. After being fired due to the Killian documents, he started hosting his own shows. 

4. Walter Cronkite

Cronkite was once named the most trusted man in America because of his role on the CBS Evening News. He spent 19 years in that role, developing the catchphrase “and that’s the way it is.” He’s the only person to receive the Ambassador of Exploration award from NASA without being an employee. 

5. Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell has written several bestselling books, including Blink and Outliers. He’s written several pieces for The Washington Post and The New Yorker, focusing on subjects like sociology and economics. He’s the founder of a podcast company and hosts “Revisionist History.”

Broadcast journalism is a tough job because it exposes the truth. That’s why it takes a special soul to do the work! Follow a few current event blogs, and you may soon see new rising journalism stars.

5 Cities with Huge Tree Lighting Ceremonies

When the holidays arrive each December, many families put up a Christmas tree or decorate their homes according to their customs.

Several cities around the world do the same. From the smallest towns to the largest population centers on the planet, you’ll find some holiday tree lighting ceremonies are consistently huge and spectacular.

The following destinations are the best ones you’ll find to celebrate this holiday season and all the others to come. 

1. New York City

The tree lighting tradition in NYC has happened since 1933. A massive tree gets placed in Rockefeller Center, and its lighting is often treated as the symbol that starts the holidays. The ceremony is free and open to the public each year, although COVID protocols might change some aspects of it.

2. London

Norway has given a Christmas tree to the people of London each year since 1947. It’s typically a Norwegian Spruce, with many of them measuring over 60 feet high. You can see different caroling groups singing while the vertical strings get lit.

3. Washington, D.C.

President Calvin Coolidge started this tradition in 1923. Local choirs and the Marine Band often perform, along with international artists and a few messages of hope. It has become such a popular event that a ticket lottery has been instituted.

4. Zilker, TX

This tree is human made, feature dozens of streamers and bulbs to show off more than 3,300 lights. It stands over 150 feet tall, and one lucky winner in the crowd gets to flip the switch. 

5. Beverly Hills, CA

Lighting the palm trees along Rodeo Drive is a wonderful tradition in this city. You’ll find live music and performances waiting to enjoy while the 42 palms get lit to celebrate the season. It tends to be over the top and with lots of celebrities, so you never know what to expect.

The best Christmas tree lighting ceremonies are the ones that mean the most to you and your family. What are some of the best holiday moments you’ve had over the years?

States Known for Producing Great Athletes

The first step toward success is to practice consistently at your favorite sport. The average person needs at least one hour per day to start showing improvement.

Since you’re putting in that extra work, it’s also necessary to think about your diet and nutrition. With items from Innate Response and Neurobiologix, you can ensure that a well-rounded nutrient profile is available to use.

Your environment even plays a role. These states are known for producing great athletes.

List of the States that Produce Great Athletes

1. California

Out of all the active professional players in Major League Baseball, California was where the majority of them were born. When you combine Florida and Texas with that state’s figures, 43% of individuals come from one of those three states.

California also leads in NBA and NFL players.

2. Texas

Warm-weather states tend to produce athletes for the National Football League. Outside of California, Texas is the home to the most current players.

3. Louisiana

When considering the overall population numbers with total NFL athletes, a child born in Louisiana is more likely to become a professional athlete than anywhere else in the world. Only Washington DC has a higher rate.

4. New York

This state finished second in terms of current NBA professionals and when looking at historical players. 

Some states have minimal influence on professional athletes. Vermont has never had someone play in the NBA, and eight other states currently have no active players. 

5 American Cities That Celebrate the Holidays with Pizzazz

When you want to enjoy an old-fashioned holiday celebration, some U.S. cities put a lot of time, effort, and money into their events. These are the places to visit when you want to experience that pizzazz this year. 

1. Alexandria, VA

This city is famous for its waterskiing Santa. You’ll also see a parade of other Christmas characters on the water. There’s also a Scottish Christmas Walk, choreographed fireworks at Mount Vernon, and many local displays. 

2. North Pole, AK

America’s version of the North Pole goes all out to celebrate Christmas each year – and every day throughout the year! You can meet Santa in June, meet some reindeer, and take a picture next to his 42-foot statue.

3. Portsmouth, NH

This picturesque community gives you the perfect winter postcard for the holidays each year. You’ll step back into time with homes dating to the 17th century, with locally owned stores offering many holiday favorites. Get some fresh gingerbread, skate on the local pond, and enjoy a candlelit stroll through the Christmas lights.

4. Dallas, TX

Dallas loves to light things up during the holidays. You’ll find a 17-acre park filled with over two million Christmas lights awaiting your arrival. Even the Arboretum gets involved with a half-million twinkles of their own. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from hundreds of nutcrackers to the ice sculptures at the Gaylord Texan Hotel.

5. Nevada City, CA

This gold rush town is probably the last place you’d consider for a Victorian Christmas. The streets have working gas lamps during the holidays, while carolers fill the streets to sing songs. You can even hear the pop of roasting chestnuts over the fire. 

Where are your favorite places to celebrate the holidays? 

States with the Longest Bike Trails

When you want to prepare for a long day of adventuring, the first step is to prepare your body for what’s to come. That’s why having Thorne Research products stocked up is helpful for any sports-related activity! You’ll have the energy you need for a fun time.

If you love cycling, you’ll want to explore some of the best railroad lines that were converted into bike trails. Here are some of the best states to visit.

1. Wisconsin

You’ll find several rail-to-trail options throughout this state, but the best one is the Sugar River Trail that runs between New Glarus and Broadhead. You’ll visit two other communities along the way, see old train depots, and traverse 14 trestle bridges. It’s in the middle of rolling hills and remnant prairies with minimal incline, allowing everyone to join.

2. Maryland

When you follow the Great Allegheny Passage, you’ll get the chance to stay on the trail for more than a week. You can ride all the way to Washington, D.C., or Pittsburgh from Cumberland without worrying about traffic.

3. Virginia

Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park is a 44-mile trip on a paved trail. It gets lots of use because of how close it is to the nation’s capital. Many people use it to commute from their northern Virginia home into the city.

4. Ohio

The Little Miami Scenic Trail offers a paved route that connects to several other exploration opportunities. You can also take it across 78 miles between Springfield and Newtown. 

Every state has some long bike trails to explore. What are some of the favorite ones you’ve discovered over the past few years? 

American Cities with the Best Parks

If you find yourself wanting to escape all of the political and pandemic stress, there are more than 100,000 total parks in the United States for you to enjoy. If you take only the spots in the 100 largest American cities, you’ll still get about 24,000 destinations to explore.

When you want to enjoy some green spaces on a nice day, these cities deliver the best experiences consistently.

What U.S. Cities Have the Best Parks?

1. New York City

How can anything beat the magnificence of Central Park? When it is a sunny day, you can also visit Prospect Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Bryant Park to have a great time.

2. Chicago

The Windy City helps people get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life by delivering numerous outstanding parks. Over 600 facilities are available, with Millennium Park, Grant Park, and The 606 topping the list of the best stops.

3. Seattle

With over 500 acres of tidal beaches and sea cliffs to explore, this city’s largest urban park includes a zip line and a renovated play area. You’ll find about 500 sites to explore during your stay, with Seward Park, Green Lake Park, and Gas Works Park delivering hiking trails and unique attractions to enjoy. 

4. Los Angeles

If you need to take a break from the heat, this city offers several fantastic parks to enjoy. Echo Lake Park is criminally underrated, offering a place to rent a paddleboat while the area’s perimeter has food vendors with all sorts of snacks. Hermosa Natural Park, Palisades Park, and Greystone Mansion and Gardens are additional choices.

It can be fun to get outside to explore America’s great cities. When you add the parks in each community to your list, the adventure only grows!

States with the Best Hiking Trails

When you want to take charge of your fitness, you might grab some items from DaVinci Labs and Source Naturals to keep in your pantry. With various options to select, you can fill in the gaps found in your overall wellness plan.

If you want to be more active outside, you will take a trip to one of the states with the best hiking trails. Here are the places you’ll want to go when you have some time off to enjoy yourself.

What States Have the Best Hiking Trails? 

1. Colorado

With over four dozen mountain peaks that top 14,000 feet, you won’t find a better spot for a long hike in the United States. You can find mountain lakes, pristine views, and several different biomes. There’s even a trail that takes you through sand dunes!

2. Washington

Between the Cascades and the Olympics, you’ll find plenty of mountains and rugged wilderness trails to enjoy. If you head to the coast, you can walk through a lush rain forest. 

3. Oregon

A visit to Crater Lake is worth the expense of getting to this state. You’ll also find lava flows, deserts, and forests to explore during your stay. 

4. California

With hundreds of miles of shoreline to explore, you can’t beat with this state offers for coastal hiking trails. You can also visit incredible spots like Yosemite or Mount Shasta to enjoy a beautiful day.

The best states deliver incredible hiking trails for everyone to enjoy. Where do you plan to travel for your next adventure?

5 Best States to Watch the Leaves Turn in Fall

One of autumn’s best traditions is to watch the leaves turn colors in the fall. Although many people travel to New England annually for this experience, several states offer some incredible experiences. You just need to know where to look!

Are you planning a trip to watch the colors change? If so, here are some stops to consider adding to your itinerary.

Where Are the Best Places to Watch the Leaves Turn Colors?

1. Vermont

The many deciduous forests in Vermont make it the best destination for watching the colors turn each year. While you’re visiting the state, pop over to New Hampshire to tour the Kancamagus Highway for an adventurous weekend.

2. New York

When autumn arrives, the stunning colors on display at Thatcher State Park can take your breath away. With reds, oranges, yellows, and more, you’ll find this trip to Albany can be an incredible experience.

3. Tennessee

The Smoky Mountains in the fall turn into a cacophony of color that you’ll want to keep visiting each year! If you start your journey in Gatlinburg, you’ll get to take a tour of the entire region and its incredible beauty.

4. Ohio

Although this state doesn’t have the go-to spot like some others, you should visit Ashtabula County in the fall. When you combine the changing colors with the covered bridges, you’ll have a magical experience to enjoy.

5. Minnesota

When you visit the northern shores of Lake Superior in the fall, you might need to dodge a few snowflakes. You’ll also spot some lighthouses, stunning cliff faces, and tall trees that turn into glorious colors in this sometimes chilly environment.

When the weather starts to cool, the trees in these states put on a brilliant display. Where do you think you’ll travel this year?