Abraham Lincoln Biography Books

Abraham Lincoln’s political career, married life, speeches, contributions, and leadership qualities have been covered by many researchers and writers. He is a well-regarded figure and often cited by people for why they pursued politics. 

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, and emerged as a prominent figure in helping to abolish slavery and guiding the country through the Civil War.

Lincoln was not only a political leader, but he was the epitome of strong leadership, humility, and honesty. His life is filled with lessons for everyone. If you’re keen to read the biography of Abraham Lincoln, check out some of the excellent books that will leave you stunned.

Lincoln Reconsidered

David Herbert Donald wrote a series of essays on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. The author discusses the educational and political background of the great leader who was a lawyer, politician, and worked to stop the Civil War. Some of the issues covered in this book are the Emancipation Proclamation and the overall movement against slavery.

The Complete Papers and Writings of Abraham Lincoln

Straight from Lincoln himself, this book covers the thoughts of Lincoln as a lawyer, politician, and a leader. His writings reflect his life from the time he was a lawyer to his Presidency. He was a man of carefully chosen words who believed that slavery was wrong and thus helped to drive the anti-slavery movement. If you want to read more about his ideas and strategies, get your hands on this book.

Lincoln at Peoria: The Turning Point

This book focuses on the Lincoln delivered on October 16, 1854, in Peoria, Illinois. It was the turning point in the life of Lincoln as he faced political hurdles at the beginning of the anti-slavery movement. His speeches have faced much backlash but were critical to the country at that time. His gestures and words came directly from the heart and are so meaningful to read today.

Lincoln The Biography of a Writer

The author Fred Kaplan digs deep into the life of Abraham Lincoln, particularly his literary career that can’t be separated from his life. He was a keen reader of Byron, Burns, and Shakespeare. His thorough reading of literary works shaped much of his views on human nature and love. No other president had ever possessed the art of thoughtful and profound speeches that he delivered to his audience and much touched the hearts of people. This book shows the literary side of Abraham.

If you wanted to explore the life of Lincoln, then these books are an excellent starting point!