Who Is Mothman: The Mythological Creature Stalking the WV Backwoods

West Virginia folklore tells the tale of a humanoid creature seen in the Point Pleasant area. The first appearance happened in 1966, with continued sightings occurring for the next 13 months.

One of the first newspaper reports of the mysterious being had the headline “Couple Sees Man-Sized Bird… Creature… Something.” The national press grabbed that article quickly, helping to spread the story across the United States.

Mothman stories were developed for a fictional audience in the 1970s. 

Why Did Mothman Disappear?

Although the Mothman sightings were regular in 1967, they stopped in mid-December that year. That’s when the Silver Bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. That incident gave rise to the idea that the sightings and the event were connected. 

In 2016, an anonymous photographer allegedly snapped a photo of the Mothman in Mason County while driving on Route 2. He said the creature was jumping from tree to tree, adamant that the images weren’t doctored.

The creature had wings with pointed tips and long legs that could be bent at an awkward angle. 

About 100 people in total reported an official sighting of the creature. A few hoaxes were part of that mix, but there is still a belief that supernatural events led to the various sightings. As one resident said, “I definitely know the Mothman is real.” 

Some people believe Mothman is a bad omen, only appearing when catastrophes are about to happen. Others think that eyewitness accounts aren’t as numerous because people are afraid to come forward.

Either way, the Mothman legend continues to live on.