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What are the Four Purposes of Government?

A government that runs any country or state has four main purposes to serve. Although different types of government govern a regional site, the purpose of almost every government remains similar. The four purposes of government can include:

  • Institution of Laws.
  • Provide Security and Control.
  • Protection from External Dangers
  • Provide for its Citizens

Let’s take a deeper look into each of the purposes. 

Institution of Laws 

A democratic government has a rule of law that states that no one is above the law, and every person living within the governed state has to follow the set of rules that institutionalized by the government.

The general public and government officials must all adhere to the rules and regulations at all costs. These laws seek to treat people equally, with all laws affecting every person regardless of a person’s position, wealth, or other factors. This also means that everyone will have all rights equal to one another in the state, and all members of the society will follow the established rule of law. 

All rules and regulations of law should be written down and recorded by government officials, and residents should be made aware of all laws. 

Provide Security and Control 

When people live under government rule, they need to have a sense of security. It is one of the basic needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that a person feels safe in the environment he or she is living in. 

It is the job of the government to provide its people with security, and help to control the country against crimes and violations. Security can also be used to establish social order and justice to maintain discipline and fairness in a country. A justice system should be established in case of corruption and tyranny. 

Protection from External Dangers

Protection against what lies outside the border of a country is just as important as protection from within. Terrorist attacks and invasions are some of the main external dangers that can be a threat to the country. A government should come up with strategies and implement them to protect their people. 

Provide for Citizens 

The government should give welfare opportunities to its people by providing them with food, shelter, and work. The physical and mental well-being of the country significantly depends on how the government is providing it. Services such as healthcare, education, and public support should be provided by the government of that country. 

If someone ever asks, “what are the four purposes of government,” hopefully this article helps to fill you in so that you can respond with confidence. If you want to know more about government or want to stay informed on what is going on around the world, check out these political blogs to stay informed on what is happening around the world today.