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 1 and 3 U.S. Children Lack Enough Health Coverage

Children need a lot of care and love. They are prone to a significant number of illnesses and health conditions. For this reason, it is essential that they have health coverage. Unfortunately, although the United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world, a significant number of children lack health insurance. 

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A 2019 study reports that about 34% of U.S. kids age 17 and below were “underinsured”. What this means is that their insurance cover cannot address their total health need or give them access to their preferred healthcare providers. Their providers came at an expensive cost or weren’t adequate at all times. It seems like this is a growing trend as in 2016, this figure was at 30.6%. 

The harm with inadequate insurance is that it leaves families with no choice but to delay or even ignore the medical needs of their children. This is even more harmful to children with complex or chronic health conditions. Parents or guardians are left to make a choice between providing basic necessities or paying for their kids’ medical care.

The 2019 research mentioned above also revealed that over two-thirds of Americans under 18 have adequate insurance cover, and 1 in 3 of this age group did not. From the foregoing finding, there is enough room for improvement. Children deserved adequate healthcare. 

Activities in Los Angeles to Help You Stay Fit

You’ve taken all the right steps to stay fit. You’re getting active in your community, playing a favorite sport, and taking your Organifi daily. 

The problem with a routine is that it can get a bit dull and lifeless. If you’re ready to add some excitement to your fitness efforts, here are the best activities to try when you’re in the Los Angeles area.

Best Activities to Try in LA Today

You don’t need to spend money at a local gym when you’ve got these options available to enjoy.

1. Hiking and Climbing Stairs

If you want to get fit fast, try taking a quick hike at Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon. When you want to linger and enjoy the view, Los Liones Canyon is a great choice. You can also start trekking the four-mile loop at Temescal Canyon Gateway Park to have a great time.

2. Get Your Surf On

LA offers access to several Pacific Ocean beaches that have just the right amount of surf for beginners. You can opt for private or small group lessons without breaking your budget. 

3. Do Some Climbing

Los Angeles offers some great bouldering activities where climbing centers offer one-day passes. An annual membership can save you some cash if you like the action. If you’ve never tried it before, consider taking one of the local workshops or classes.

4. Join a Meetup Group

Numerous LA meetup groups gather daily for fun fitness activities. You can find salsa, yoga, running, and more available. It’s a great way to meet new people or try something different.

Living in Los Angeles lets you try many different experiences. When you want to stay fit, try adding one of these options to your daily routine!

These Are the Healthiest US States

When you need to work on your health, you try to eat right, get some exercise, and take your vitamins. That means you’ll want brands like Apricot Power and DesBio in your medicine cabinet!

It also helps to surround yourself with positive people who support your quest for better health. That’s why you’ll want to consider living in one of the following healthy states.

What Are the Healthiest States in the U.S.?

1. California

California has one of the best combinations of obesity, smoking, and suicide rates in the country. About 12% of adults in the state report having “poor” mental health from 2021 information.

2. New Jersey

Although more people smoke in New Jersey, there is a lower infant mortality rate in this state. The obesity rate is also slightly lower than California’s, coming in at 25.7%.

3. New York

With a suicide rate about 30% less than California’s and similar rankings in every other category, the only thing that prevents New York from being in the top spot is two extra percentage points on the obesity rate.

4. Colorado

This state has one of the lowest obesity rates in the country. It also has one of the highest suicide ratings, with more people than average reporting poor mental health. If you love being active and don’t mind higher altitudes, this place is for you.

5. Washington

Although the obesity rates and number of adults reporting poor mental health are slightly higher than other states, Washington still holds a top spot because of the population’s activity levels. You’ll also find one of the lower infant mortality rates in the country here.

When you live in one of the healthiest states, you may have to adjust to a change in cultural and political environments, but at least you’ll be surrounding yourself with more people who support your positive lifestyle choices. Don’t forget about taking your vitamins!

What is the Healthiest City in America?

America has a large number of people living in it. This means that the amount of food consumed by the population of America is remarkably large too. That doesn’t necessarily mean that what they consume is always healthy. Americans eat a lot of junk food, which is why you will find fast food chains on every corner with inexpensive, high-calorie offerings with extra cheese. From a consumer’s perspective, you could say they are up to no gouda (heh, cheese pun.) This is one of the many things that contribute to America’s rising obesity rates. 

So does that mean that there are no healthy cities in America at all? Yes and no. Cities are population-dense with folks of many backgrounds, so no city is only comprised of healthy people. But some cities rank as being more healthy for meeting specific criteria like having good eating habits, access to healthcare, low pollution levels, and higher rates of physical activeness. 

Here are the most healthy cities in America:


The city that can be called the healthiest city is Minneapolis. It has a famous farmer’s market with more than 200 street vendors. 

Washington D.C.

Ranking as the second healthiest city is Washington D.C. It has the most significant number of bicyclers living in the city. Being the capitol of the country, it is also important for politicians and other people working in politics to stay fit. 

San Francisco 

You can easily follow an organic and healthy diet if you live in San Francisco. It also has a famous vegetarian restaurant, The Plant, which is the perfect place for vegans and vegetarians. 


Home to beaches and parks, you can live a fit and healthy life in Seattle. Play sports at the beach or go for a jog in the park to sustain a healthy lifestyle. 


The state offers a lot more than just glamour. It provides a lot of outdoor activities that can help you stay fit. 


A city home to many fitness movements that were later adopted by other cities as well. Boston is the sixth healthiest city in America. 


People looking for fun and outdoorsy activities will love Denver as it has a large number of areas suitable for hiking, trekking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, and running. 

San Diego 

Not only known as one of the more healthy cities to live but also one of the more mentally healthy cities to stay and take care of your emotional and mental wellbeing too.

Do your part for your city and try to eat right and get more active! If you are having a hard time, you may want to consider checking out a weight management  formula from Carlson Labs, MRM, or Nature’s Way