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Books for Understanding Politics

Global politics seems to have gone off the rails in recent years. We have more populists today than at any point since World War II, internal polarization, and conspiracy theories getting treated like facts.

Whether you believe the news is fake or not is a personal choice. When you’re ready to understand politics better, these books are the ones you’ll want to read.

1. What You Should Know About Politics But Don’t

This book reviews the most pressing issues you can find in modern American politics. It takes a nonpartisan view on climate change, energy use, and why both parties take a specific stance. You’ll discover whether you lean right, left, or toward the middle.

2. Fascism: A Warning

Madeleine Albright, who formerly served as one of America’s Secretary of States, released this title in 2018. It examines how fascist rule developed in the 20th century, including reviewing the warning signs of this problematic structure. You’ll also get to know the after-effects a little more.

3. Team of Rivals

This exciting book serves as the foundation for the 2012 movie Lincoln. It profiles America’s arguably most famous president, telling the story of how he went from a rural lawyer to one of the most influential people in the world. He worked to achieve victory in the Civil War even though his cabinet wasn’t always on his side.

4. The Populist Explosion

Although some readers might feel the author is a little biased in this work, it is a fact-based discussion about how populism becomes a political force. It’s written by a journalist who posits that this atmosphere will endure on both sides of American politics – and governments throughout the world.

5. Alexander Hamilton

Ron Chernow’s biography inspired the Broadway hit, painting a vivid picture of this early president. It’s a fantastic read for anyone who wants to get to know the founding fathers better.

When you tackle these titles along with current political blogs, you’ll have the chance to understand more about why decisions get made the way they do.

Bookmark These Political Blogs to Stay Informed

The news is great when you need to know what is happening around the world, but just the facts won’t always cut it. What to do with those facts is equally as important.

If the economy is doing well, should the Treasury raise interest rates? How will proposals by Democrats to regulate the environment more heavily affect the economy? Are Republicans right to side with the President on banning immigrants from individual countries?

The news needs to be unbiased and only present the facts of what is being said and done. Editorials and opinion pieces can give more insight and help you to see the impact of decision making on people’s lives. 

While political blogs can be divisive, they have their place in political discourse. But you shouldn’t trust just any blog. It doesn’t take much to leave a comment or start a blog. Some political blogs are much better than others. While you may not always agree with what is being said, it is important to appreciate good writing and opinions from people who aren’t being influenced by outside money or divisiveness for the sake of stirring the pot. 

Below is a list of political blogs that are among the best of what is out there.

Top Rated Blogs

These blogs strive for a more center approach to politics, but they obviously do present positions that lean to both right and left, either intentionally or unintentionally. If you are typically presented with a singular political position, more independent sites can be a good thing for developing more nuanced positions.

  1. 538
  2. FactCheck.org
  3. Real Clear Politics
  4. Think Progress
  5. Reddit Politics
  6. Boing Boing
  7. Treehugger
  8. Mother Jones

Left-Leaning Blogs

If your political positions fall more on the left, these blogs will offer the level of commentary that you want. If you are more right-leaning, then looking over these blogs can offer some insight into what people on the other side of the political aisle are thinking and planning. 

  1. HuffingtonPost
  2. Boing Boing
  3. Daily Kos
  4. Talking Points Memo
  5. Crooks and Liars
  6. Glenn Greenwald (Salon)
  7. Firedoglake
  8. TruthDig

Right-Leaning Blogs

Just like blogs that fall on the left, these blogs are right-leaning. Left-leaning folks should certainly check these out so they can engage in meaningful discourse with those across the aisle. 

  1. Michelle Malkin
  2. Pajamas Media
  3. Hot Air
  4. Newsbusters
  5. Powerline
  6. Redstate
  7. Gateway Pundit
  8. The Foundry (Heritage Foundation)

No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall under, reading comments from some of the leading minds who cover politicals is a great way to help you to be more informed and to have more meaningful conversations in your daily life.