ww1 battles timeline world war 1 1914 1918

WW1 Battles Timeline, World War 1 – 1914-1918

WW1 Battles Timeline, World War 1 – 1914-1918

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The Unites States did not a have a major force in Europe until 1917. US troops provided the necessary ability to start defeating Germany and its allies. The real story is what happened after the fall of Germany and the Ottoman Empire. The armistice agreement between Germany and the Allied Powers never resulted in the defeat of Germany nor any treaty. This lack of defeat, along with other issues eventually led to World War 2. The fall of the Ottoman Empire triggered an event in which primarily the French and British carved up the middle east into governing provinces. These provinces did not take into account the religious, ethnic and social customs of the local population. These arbitrary boundaries created and the anger resulting in the fall of the Ottoman Empire are significant reasons for the lack of stability in the Middle East today.

World War 1 Timeline of Events:

June 28, 1914: Francis Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo

July 5, 1914: Kaiser William II promised German support for Austria against Serbia

July 28, 1914: Austria declared war on Serbia

August 1, 1914: Germany declared war on Russia

August 3, 1914: Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium. Germany had to implement the Schlieffen Plan

August 4, 1914: Britain declared war on Germany

August 23, 1914: Germany invaded France

August 26, 1914: Russian army defeated at Tannenburg and Masurian Lakes

September 6, 1914: Battle of the Marne started

October 18, 1914: First Battle of Ypres

October 29, 1914: Turkey entered the war on Germany’s side. Trench warfare started to dominate the Western Front

January 19, 1915: The first Zeppelin raid on Britain took place

February 19, 1915: Britain bombarded Turkish forts in the Dardanelles

April 25, 1915: Allied troops landed in Gallipoli

May 7, 1915: The “Lusitania” was sunk by a German U-boat

May 23, 1915: Italy declared war on Germany and Austria

August 5, 1915: The Germans captured Warsaw from the Russians

September 25, 1915: Start of the Battle of Loos

December 19, 1915: The Allies started the evacuation of Gallipoli

February 21, 1916: Start of the Battle of Verdun

April 29, 1916: British forces surrendered to Turkish forces at Kut in Mesopotamia

May 31, 1916: Battle of Jutland

June 4, 1916: Start of the Brusilov Offensive

July 1, 1916: Start of the Battle of the Somme

August 10, 1916: End of the Brusilov Offensive

February 1, 1917: Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare campaign started

April 6, 1917, USA declared war on Germany

April 16, 1917: France launched an unsuccessful offensive on the Western Front

July 31, 1917: Start of the Third Battle at Ypres

October 24, 1917: Battle of Caporetto – the Italian Army was heavily defeated

November 6, 1917: Britain launched a major offensive on the Western Front

November 20, 1917: British tanks won a victory at Cambrai

December 5, 1917: Armistice between Germany and Russia signed

December 9, 1917: Britain captured Jerusalem from the Turks

March 3, 1918: The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed between Russia and Germany

March 21, 1918: Germany broke through on the Somme

April 9, 1918: Germany started an offensive in Flanders

July 15, 1918: Second Battle of the Marne started. The start of the collapse of the German army

August 8, 1918: The advance of the Allies was successful

September 19, 1918: Turkish forces collapsed at Megiddo

October 4, 1918: Germany asked the Allies for an armistice

October 29, 1918: Germany’s navy mutinied

October 30, 1918: Turkey made peace

November 3, 1918: Austria made peace

November 9, 1918: Kaiser William II abdicated

November 11, 1918: Germany signed an armistice with the Allies – the official date of the end of World War 1

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