What is the Best Thing About America?

Listing down just a single best thing about America is tough. So here are the eight best things about America that we can feel proud of. 


Growing up watching Disney movies, it is always a dream come true to visit Disneyland. And where is that? Of course, in the country that is not less than a magical place than Disneyland itself. From all around the world, children and adults alike fly to America to visit Disneyland and meet their favorite characters. 

Friendly Faces 

No matter what city you go to, you are bound to come across some friendly faces. Though not every face is friendly to outsiders, the majority of Americans are generous and kind towards everyone. 

Lots of Coffee

Coffee lovers are spread around America, and that is why you will find a coffee shop on almost every corner.

Fashion Hub

Cities like New York and Los Angeles are the birthplace of fashion and set the trends for many countries around the world. 

Amazon Shopping

When talking about the best things about America, we can’t resist mentioning Amazon. This online shopping platform is loved by every American and is surely considered one of the best things about the country.


Did you think we would not talk about Netflix? This online streaming website was first just a place for online DVD rentals back in 1998. Now Netflix plays shows and produces its own movies that are broadcasted all around the world.

Best Shopping Experience

Paris may be famous for shopping, but America is not in any way lesser than that. The world’s most leading and famous brands can be found in America. Not to mention the amazing Black Friday sales that everyone anticipates each year. 


From a million options and different types of cuisines, everything is available in America. Where the traditional food has its own value, dining out, and frequently enjoying a good mouthful of different food is something you can only do in America.