Monuments in the Northeast You Should Visit in Your Lifetime

Monuments increase the county’s beauty and make it more architecturally attractive for its natives and tourists. For a traveler who are interested in exploring the northeastern region of the country, here is the list of monuments in the United States of America that you should put down in your travel diary and plan to visit them if you haven’t. 

Each of these monuments has a history, and it’s always fun to read about them before you can set your eyes upon the site and feel the trance of history fill you in. 

Statue of Liberty – Jersey City, New Jersey

Not made by America, but presented as a gift by the country of France to the U.S. in 1886, the Statue of Liberty stands as a representation of hope and friendship for people moving in from other places. 

The French wanted to show their alliance with the country through this statue during the American Revolution. Interestingly, while often considered a New York City attraction, the Statue of Liberty is technically located in New Jersey.

The Library of Congress – Washington, D.C. 

The Library of Congress is known to be one of the largest libraries in the world. It is home to more than a million books from all around the world and from different time periods. The library is kept open for the general public, and anyone can go up and read a book. But if you want to check one out, you need to be a government official or someone of equal position. 

Ford’s Theatre – Washington, D.C.

A place of incredible history and known for being the place where the great president of the country Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, Ford’s Theatre is surely one of the best monumental sites of America. The location is now home to many shows. 

Colonial National Historical Park – Yorktown, Va.

Visit this monument and witness the place where one of the famous battles of the country called the Revolutionary Battle was fought. Colonial National Historical Park is an excellent place to explore what the country was like at the time of the war and learn more about the history of one’s own country. 

African American Civil War Memorial – Washington, D.C.

A memorial dedicated to the brave African American soldiers who fought courageously in the Civil War and died fighting. In addition to the monument, there is also a museum that has clothes, weapons, and other belonging of the soldiers and their families.  

America is a young country, but it has a rich history of turmoil and success that resulted in the creation of a world power that countries all around the world look to for guidance.