States Known for Producing Great Athletes

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Your environment even plays a role. These states are known for producing great athletes.

List of the States that Produce Great Athletes

1. California

Out of all the active professional players in Major League Baseball, California was where the majority of them were born. When you combine Florida and Texas with that state’s figures, 43% of individuals come from one of those three states.

California also leads in NBA and NFL players.

2. Texas

Warm-weather states tend to produce athletes for the National Football League. Outside of California, Texas is the home to the most current players.

3. Louisiana

When considering the overall population numbers with total NFL athletes, a child born in Louisiana is more likely to become a professional athlete than anywhere else in the world. Only Washington DC has a higher rate.

4. New York

This state finished second in terms of current NBA professionals and when looking at historical players. 

Some states have minimal influence on professional athletes. Vermont has never had someone play in the NBA, and eight other states currently have no active players.