These Are the Foods That Built America

Along with the rich history of the country, America is also known for its culinary tastes that lean towards freedom. Our nation had to fight the world to gain our independence. We wouldn’t be told how to live nor what to eat. Now we eat what we want and how much we want. In fact, Americans eat an average of 1,996 pounds of freedom-food each year.

Here are the top 5 foods that built America and can’t be replaced! 

Deep Dish Pizza 

A specialized pizza that was created in Chicago, is a widely popular food that, as the name describes, is a pizza prepared in a deep dish with high crust and extra everything in the middle. Sauce, cheese, meat, veggies, whatever you want; add it in! 


The hamburger is an American classic. Drive-ins helped to popularized this food, and since its creation back in the early 1900s, it has evolved to include toppings of every type. Keep it simple with a slice of yellow American cheese and ketchup and mustard, or pile it high with crispy onions, barbecue sauce, bacon, freedom fries, and the list goes on! 

Apple Pie

known as the national dessert of America, apple pie is simple and filling. Everyone makes it differently, and it can be served to anyone’s taste. Cold, hot, with whip cream or ice cream, how you serve it is up to you. Maybe it’s the understated simplicity that makes it a dessert food worth the calories.

Hot Dogs

Hot dog, Frank, weenie, banger, or whatever else you call it, this meat tube in a slice of bread is a traditional food at baseball games and at every Fourth of July. When you celebrate freedom and liberty, you damn well better have hot dogs on the grill. Feel free to top them with ketchup and mustard or add relish, diced onions, pickle, hot peppers, cheese, chili, or anything else. You will not be surprised to know that a person can eat more than 100 hot dogs in a year. 


These delicious little creamy cookies were first sold in America in 1912, and have since been a continuing staple of the American diet. Every year, 7.5 billion Oreo cookies are consumed in America. The classic white milk cream between the chocolate wafer is a formula that has been repeated in ice cream, cakes, and pies.

From this list, one thing is clear. We love to start with a carbohydrate base, then pile on the meats, toppings, or succulent sweets. That’s freedom, baby. We make it how we want it, enjoy it when we want it, and never apologize. These are the foods that built America, and it is a signal to the world of how it should be done if you want to be the most powerful nation on the planet!